Basic Combat Feats

Improvised Weapon Basics

You can turn almost anything into a deadly weapon.
Benefit: When using an Improvised Weapon, you are never considered to be non-proficient. Also, you gain a trick.
What’s at Hand (Search Trick): As a free action, you may make a DC15 Search check to find items that can be used as Improvised Weapons, with an additional weapon found for each 5 points that you beat the base DC by. The GM determines where any weapons are located, but they will always be within a Standard Move Action’s distance. This trick can not be used in any completely barren environment, such as a completely empty room, or in the vacuum of space.

Improvised Weapon Mastery

With your skills, it’s a wonder you even bother carrying a weapon.
Prerequisites: Improvised Weapon Basics
Benefit: Each time you use What’s at Hand, you may choose a single weapon quality, this quality will always be on the Improvised Weapons found by What’s at Hand. Further, you may chose a type of weapon to find, such as an Improvised Axe, or Club. When using this ability, you may also benefit from any Fortes, Tricks and Feats you possess that apply to that weapon type.

Improvised Weapon Supremacy

Just because you don’t want any trouble, doesn’t mean you’re helpless.
Prerequisites: Improvised Weapon Mastery
Benefit: Each time you use What’s at Hand, you may chose a second quality for the weapon to possess. In addition, you may spend an Action Die before you make your Search roll to have the weapon be within your reach. Finally, you may use What’s at Hand at any time, even in a completely empty room or other barren environment.

Basic Combat Feats

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