Setting Notes

This page will be translated over to GM Only when the setting is finalised or the campaign begins.

Play Style

  • Campaign to be played in an episodic fashion, each session should be one complete episode / adventure, at most an adventure should span 3 sessions.
  • Players and Characters will be able to drop in and out of the campaign as required, allowing for a fluid cast of characters and playstyles (Players not available for a session will simply have their characters just not appear in that episode)
  • Most likely using Fantasycraft, without the Sorcery or Miracle campaign qualities, all races are Human, though ‘Blood’ feats are allowed to account for a century of so of world-specific breeding and genetic manipulation. (Potentially allow Unborn? Would need to be owned by somebody else though)
  • Players will start with a Holding (the ship), and may spend their own reputation to upgrade the ship, although it will have reputation of its own (as all named ships tend to do, gaining reputation based on the captain’s Legend)

The Tech

  • post-earth setting
  • high caliber firearms have largely been discontinued, due to the proliferation of space travel and biodome habitats, however still used on ships
  • No terraforming to speak of, technology is still in its infancy and so far has only been trialled on moons
  • With the hazards of using firearms aboard ship or near the domes edge, there has been a general return to hand to hand combat, as well as black powder (easily machined and packed at home using minimal tools) and bows. This has seen melee weapons re-surging in popularity.
  • FTL travel using jump gates
  • Variant of light travel without (different drives offering a fraction of the speed of light) (most modern ships would have the ability to travel at 0.25c)


How the people are organised, big business vs government model. Individual worlds each looking out for themselves vs a collective commonwealth. Is the government inhibitive or encouraging?

The People

Attitudes, prejudices, skills and values

  • Humanity has branched out into the stars, and while they have found life there, it’s often not as they were accustomed to it. Great fleets of automated colonisation ships set out from Earth towards the turn of the century, landing upon other planets and moons to set up their biodomes and prepare for the arrival of humanity.
  • Mixture of peaceful and hostile first contact with alien species
  • Some of the hostile encounters were due to a lack of understanding on the humans’ part (not realising that certain technology they were using was destroying the habitat of other species, not realising that these species were sapient, etc)
  • Religion continues to have a tenacious hold on the species, though more people have moved away from some of the more strict beliefs and faith has grown more fluid. Christianity still holds firm, as does Islam.
  • Space Mongols. I’ve been told they’re to be a thing.

The Enemy

Who are the bad guys? Who is civilisation afraid of / angry at

  • Possibly the players?
  • Space Pirates
  • Scavengers (people breaking into uninhabited domes before the intended inhabitants can get to them)
  • Some religious cults made it out into space and have set up large flotillas, travelling through space “preaching” their word, normally with bloody results. This would also include the fanatics that believe Humanity never should have gone to the stars, and are intent on seeing their planets isolated from the rest of Humanity spreading through the galaxy.
  • Religious Cults flying “God Engines”, large engines chained to multiple derelict ships, ‘converting’ by force any ship and crew they come across.
  • Other species
  • Other groups of humans (Governments will always war, Companies will always try to undermine each other)

The Players

Who are the players? Why are they ‘heroes’? Are they in fact the villains?
Couple of paths that I’m thinking for this one

  • Heroes are misfits or criminals, going job to job trying to get by either for the thrill of it, or as a small act of rebellion against what they feel is an oppressive government (Or privateers, being space pirates is always amazing)
  • Players are fixers, called in by either governments or large organisations to resolve situations either beneath their own men (initially), beyond their own men (eventually) or requiring a level of discretion and distance they cannot get themselves. This one would probably include investigating biodomes that have gone non-responsive, courier runs, rescue missions, infiltrating rebellions
  • Government strike team. Either as police or para military the players would be called on to carry out missions for whichever government they work for. This would have the advantage of giving them better access to replacement gear, and clout for dealing with civil authorities. It would have the downside that they would be accountable for their actions.

Setting Notes

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