Name Dmg Threat Range Qualities SZ/Hand Const Comp Weight Era Cost
Boarding Bolter As Bolt * * Slow Fire (0/5/7), * S/2h Hard 2 30W 18lbs Modern 310s

Boarding Bolter

With traditional firearms falling out of favour following a series of unfortunate sudden decompressions in deep space, mankind reverted back to more traditional means of killing their enemies at distance. Few traditional long ranged means of de-lifing were as effective as the crossbow, but in time even the humble crossbow had to adapt.

The Boarding Bolter is a favourite of the Coalition Strike Forces, with its multiple firing modes made possible using a build up cannister of compressed air.

Mode Threat Range Qualities
Rapid Fire 20 40ft x 6 Inaccurate, indirect
Single Shot 19-20 50ft. × 6 AP 2, Slow Fire 5
Heavy Shot 18-20 60ft. × 6 AP 5, Slow Fire 7

Weapon Qualities

Slow Fire

Weapons with the Slow Fire quality take the listed number of actions to fire, but no reload time. In some cases, this is to reflect a required build up of power between shots. Such weapons have failsafes put in place to deactivate the weapon or vent the pressure if they are not being actively charged to fire.


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