Character Creation

Origin Restrictions

All human talents are available for use, except for those requiring the Sorcery or Miracle campaign qualities. The only species that can be taken aside from Human is Unborn.

Class Restrictions and Alterations

As above, the only classes that are restricted are those that require the Miracle or Sorcery campaign qualities. The only addendum is that the Lancer is available both as a mounted character (if you really want to ride a horse on a space ship, who am I to stop you?) and as a pilot. This covers both suit / single passenger piloting and larger ships.

This also leads on to the Beastmaster, which players may also choose to use in a reskinned format as a specialised pilot. The Beastmaster is the only class that can take Xeno ships as their allocated vessel, and still gain the bonus actions from their “Companion”, even while mounted.

Feat Restrictions and Alterations

Whenever the Lancer or Beastmaster receive a feat from their class, they may alternatively choose to take a Chase Feat. While races are restricted to Human only, certain interracial feats will be available as either organic or technological upgrades. Organic upgrades would be feats that you may take with GM approval, Technological upgrades would be prizes that provide a species feat (and I am quite happy to allow non-human species feats to be incorporated under the Feat Essence).

Additional feats will be listed in their respective categories below. If there’s something you would like to be able to do that you cannot within the realms of the current Fantasycraft Rules, please sing out as we will be able to design something for you.

Basic Combat Feats
Chase Feats

Latest Additions

Improvised Weapon Tree added to Basic Combat Feats

Character Creation

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