Campaign Details

Adventure Insurance (The Ship).

Should the ship be destroyed or take irreparable damage while performing a heroic act, or through no fault of the party’s, the Captain will receive 1/2 of the Ship’s reputation cost back to be spent towards the purchase and upgrade of a new ship.

Dramatic Pacing

Time bends to meet the needs of the story. Durations and time restrictions lasting more than 1 hour instead last until the end of the scene (e.g. a balm that typically lasts 8 hours instead lasts the rest of the scene and a potion that may typically be used once per day may instead be used once per scene).

The above quality should make the system fit better within an episodic game format.

Plentiful Magic Items

Magic items are especially common and impressive. The party gains a +10bonus with Treasure Rolls on Table 7.15: Magic and may choose not to roll if directed to Table 7.11: Any, instead claiming a result of “1M”.

For the abundance of non-fantasy tech lying around. All Magic Items will represent technological gadgets of either a Terran or Non-Terran nature.

Campaign Details

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